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Dear Friends and followers,

I regret to announce the end of the adventure CMR !

It was a real pleasure to share all the good times with you, honor you have given us your trust in this musical adventure that wanted beautiful and rich , but fate decided otherwise, to my great regret.

The market is changing , consumption patterns also change our lives , lack of time, finance, administration and also the choice of priorities is unfortunately feel .

Between close this magnificent adventure or make volume with lower quality and resemble other labels embedded in the lot I prefer to choose to stop there because you deserve something good and rewarding and not be mistaken for cattle! You’ve worked hard to produce sublime pieces and should be highlighted.

I have unfortunately neither the time nor the means to do this and it hurts my heart but I hope you understand my choice.

Know that I respect you and my heart you are dear , you are good artists there’s no doubt ! Same excellent and I would like you all to know the success or at least the esteem of your peers. If I could contribute to a minimum that I shall be proud as I was working with you and regret not being able to work with others.

A dear thought my friend David  » Kaba Modern » which was a companion of rare human and artistic quality! Stay true my friend ;) purpose that’s the way it is

Well, I hope you have been happy to work with us as we have been, I thank you all warmly from the heart and I wish you to live other beautiful musical adventures ;) And my sincere apologies to all those who have worked to future projects that have not place in WRC but I am sure , will find takers in other great labels by their excellent quality!

Thank you to Didier , the David , Damien , Philip , Fred, Eric, Hughes, Tomi , Manuel , Lionel, Arnaud , Antonin and all others as well as all those who have supported us …

And above all continue to make excellent tracks as you know how ;)

Many Many Thanks to all the people who supported us … You’re great !!! Don’t Change anything ;)

CMR Label Manager

Merry Christmas

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We wish you a very Merry Christmas with all your loved ones!

We also remind you that all our records are available on all major download platforms (iTUNES / BEATPORT / DEEZER / JUNO …), To make a small gift that can be nice ;o)

The release of CMR07 is very near so stay tuned!

All the best ;)

Merry Christmasimageslogo BP



Full of news for September!

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Confidential Music Records celebrates its first anniversary and on this occasion a lot of things change.

First we changed the distributor, which now allows us to be more present, faster on downloading platforms, We are present now on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Juno, Deezer, Spotify and many others.

We are also launching CMR Late Show, a podcast where you will discover our favorite musical hearts regardless of the style.

We also continue our releases with CMR06 – « Coleman – From Dijon With Love »  coming out in September with two excellent remixes of Manuel-M and Loye, other releases are in preparation and also promise to be a great success for you are more likely to follow and we love what we do.

So thank you all, artists, DJ, listeners to follow us, support us and share this wonderful experience what are Confidential Music Records :)

And do not forget, CMR is more than a label, it is a family!

CMR Late Show

CMR Channel on YOUTUBE

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you want to see the CMR videos? then subscribe to our new YouTube channel, the CMR05 video clip will be online soon! and CMR06 also happens soon

Clic on the link : 



CMO – Confidential Mixtape Outcast Volume 05

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After Kabaa Modern, Adam Cole, Damien Etienne and Code AM it is the turn of Dave-G offer you a rich mix with lot of good tracks !

If you want to listen to the older mixes, select the artist in the CMO section and click on the picture to listen or right clic > save as … to download it


CMR03 Feedbacks

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Oxytek (Aztech Music / Just Smile Event – France) :

Generous demonstration of the future of CMR. The remix of Normann has well its place in the story of a set with its old school Touch. The remix of the Damien identifies him totally, so effective. Good release !.

Larry Cavelle (W.A.R.M.T.H 313 – UK) :

Really good release !. Original mix all the way for me !.

Tomi Chair (Baroque Rec / Dublin Xpress Rec – Japan) :

I really love this package, especially Original mix & Damien Etienne Remix !.
Support for sure !.

Andy Kneale (Stripped Digital Records – UK) :

All the tracks are good !. Normann’s Mathematical Remix is my favorite though, like the vox in it !. Great Track !.

Zoong (Monsieur Charles Productions – France) :

Very nice EP, particularly Normann Mathematical Remix, Congratulations to all !.

CMR02 incredible Feedbacks

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We received some feedbacks about CMR02 which we delighted

Laurent Garnier  :
That pleases to listen to some music like that for the period where everything is more and more formated
It is a very good Release ……….. Congrats guys
Do not hesitate to send me the continuation of the adventures on the label!

Many Thanks Laurent !!!!!!.

Andy Kneale (Liverpool) :
It’s hard to find music like this anymore especially cryptomatik .
That early f comm sound my favourite type of techno.

Gieck Aztlàn ((Aztlàn Records / Mexico) :
For me is one of the best albums I’ve heard.
Remember this name, in the future you will have many good news about Damien. Fo’sho!

CMR Mastering partner !!!

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You want a huge quality Mastering for your tracks ?

Our choice fell on Divine Sound Studio to meet your expectations!